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Customized Coating Solutions

Our Multi-functional Coatings

At Audio Pro Coatings, we understand the diverse needs of our clients. Thus, we offer customizable coatings that can be stacked according to your unique requirements. Whether you need water repellent, anti-dust, UV protective, or any of our other specialized chemistries, we can create a single, multi-action coating that delivers extended longevity of performance with the best adhesion.

Extended Longevity

sustainable value

Our high-performing chemistries ensure your coating retains its protective and aesthetic qualities for a longer period.

Superior Adhesion

efficiency and longevity.

Regardless of the substrate you use, our chemistries provide the best possible adhesion.

Flexible Application

a solution that fits your needs

Whether your process requires a permanent application in a clean room, air-dried semi-permanent coating, or a functional cleaner.

Advanced Chemistries

Advanced Chemistries for Superior Coatings

At Audio Pro Coatings, we blend science with technology to deliver unparalleled coating solutions. The heart of our operations lies in the chemistries we employ, each carefully chosen to impart unique attributes to our coatings. We use diverse chemistries such as Polysiloxane, Polydimethylsiloxane, Polyacrylate, Polyurethane and more, which allow us to provide coatings that are durable, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.


Exceptional Durability

Renowned for its superior durability and resistance to environmental degradation.


Impact Resistance and Elasticity

ensuring they resist damage, self-heal, and retain their aesthetic appeal.


High-Performance and UV Resistant

 can be cured with UV radiation to provide excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion to a host of substrates.  


Rapid Curing and Resilience

rapid curing and contributes to the resilience of our coatings, ensuring they withstand.


Strength and Adhesion

Coatings for stands, cases, cables, and other music accessories, 


Fast-Set and Corrosion Resistance

its fast ambient cure nature and excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring rapid application and long-lasting protection.

Application Techniques

Mastering Diverse Application Techniques for Optimal Results

At Audio Pro Coatings, we deploy a range of application techniques to ensure precise and effective coating. Our expert technicians are skilled in various methods including dip coating, spin coating, and brushing among others. We carefully select the most suitable technique for your specific needs, promising a seamless application and outstanding performance.

Dip Coating

Uniform and Complete Coverage

Ideal for complex shapes, dip coating ensures complete coverage of the equipment, providing a uniform thickness and protective layer.

Spin Coating

Precision Thickness Control

precise control over the thickness of the applied layer, making it perfect for delicate and specific requirements, only for small components.

Flow Coating

Efficient Large Surface Application

designed for efficiently applying coatings on large surfaces, ensuring an even distribution and excellent coverage.

Curtain Coating

Rapid High-volume Application

For high-volume applications, offering a rapid yet thorough coverage across the entire substrate.

Roll-to-Roll Coating

Consistent Quality

Roll-to-roll coating ensures a consistently high-quality coating application, ideal for long, flat surfaces.

Gravure Coating

Precise Pattern Application

Gravure coating is the go-to for when precise patterns or thicknesses are required, enabling a high degree of control over the final result.


Versatile and Quick Coverage

Spraying offers quick and versatile application, suitable for a wide range of shapes and sizes of equipment, potentially the best technique for musical instruments. 


Detailed and Manual Application

Brushing allows for detailed manual application, perfect for any size equipment.


Smooth and Thorough Finish

Wiping ensures a smooth finish and thorough coverage, excellent for achieving a polished look and feel, usually used for adhesion promoting priming. 

White Label

Seize the Advantage with Our White Label Solutions

Propel your business forward and redefine your brand’s potential with our White Label Solutions. At Audio Pro Coatings (APC), we channel our expertise into creating premium coatings that meet your exact manufacturing requirements. Join forces with us to provide your clients with high-grade, innovative products that raise the bar of excellence and sustainability.

Assured Quality

coatings of the highest quality

We adhere to stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Technical Capacity

Broad Capacity

product development, custom formulation, consistent performance and raw material testing.

Competitive Edge

distinctive advantage

Our top-quality coatings give your brand a distinctive advantage, setting it apart in a competitive market.

Regulatory Compliance


We boast significant experience in  EPA sub-registrations, (SDS,) regulatory label compliance, and certificates of analysis for finished goods.

Customer Retention

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Delivering unparalleled quality coatings fosters customer loyalty, translating to repeat business and long-term maintenance of surface aesthetics. 

Brand Recognition

Elevated Brand Recognition

Collaboration with APC amplifies your brand's visibility and appeal, drawing more customers to your products.

Custom Solutions

Tailored Services to Perfectly Solve Your Audio Equipment Challenges

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We understand that each piece of audio equipment is unique, and so we provide personalized coating solutions tailored to meet your specific  requirements.

Consultation to understand your needs


Personalized coating design

Personalized coating

Flexible color and material options

Color and material

Tailored post-coating support

Post-coating support

Superior Coatings

Masterful Protection for Your Audio Equipment

Experience our high-quality, durable coatings designed specifically to safeguard and enhance your audio gear. Our products are carefully formulated to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Unmatched durability

Enhanced equipment performance

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