Coatings for the Music Industry


Quality, from product to customer service

At Audio Pro Coatings, we are committed to providing the audio gear industry with the highest quality coatings and cleaners, offering exceptional value while being environmentally friendly. 

Unmatched Quality

the best performance and durability.

 With the most rigorous QC standards in the industry, you can be confident your brand will reflect high quality and performance.

Exceptional Value

superior quality-to-price ratio

Audio Pro Coatings pursuit of excellence ensures a superior quality-to-price ratio, offering the best value in the market.


ensuring safety, sustainability, and quality

Upholding strict adherence to REACH, RoHS, EPA guidelines, and ISO 9001 quality management standards.

Certification and Standards

Certification and Standards

Compliance with regulations such as the European Union's REACH +the United States' Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority

 Trust us to deliver chemistries that have the highest quality standards in place to increase the value of your investment.

Labeling and Documentation

accurate and comprehensive labeling

safety data sheets (SDS), Technical data sheet (TDS,) Certificate of Analysis (SOA,) product labels, application instructions...

Audio Equipment

Sonic Excellence with Protected Audio Equipment

From thundering amplifiers to subtle studio monitors, every piece of audio equipment deserves the ultimate protection. Whether it’s DJ equipment for a club night, a live sound setup for a concert, or a discreet indoor audio installation, we enhance durability, visual appeal, and sustainability. 

Amplifiers and Effects Pedals

Amp Up Your Sound

Our coatings protect your amplifiers and effects pedals, ensuring durability and shine.

DJ Turntables and Mixers

Spin with Confidence

scratch resistance, anti-dust properties, keeping your gear clean and protected.

Speakers and Monitors

Hear Every Detail

We safeguard your studio monitors and reference speakers against wear and tear.

Live Sound Equipment

Concert Coatings

Durable coatings for mixing consoles, PA systems, and other live sound equipment.

Music Accessories

The Finishing Touch

Coatings for stands, cases, cables, and other music accessories, 

Indoor Audio Installations

Sonic Aesthetics

enhance their visual appeal and longevity while providing anti-dust protection.

Studio Essentials

Enriching Your Sound Journey with Fortified Audio Essentials

At Audio Pro Coatings, we cater to a wide spectrum of audio gear, shielding each from wear and tear, while maintaining the aesthetics and operational excellence. Whether it’s your trusty pair of headphones or the state-of-the-art sound card that powers your studio, we’ve got the ideal sustainable solution.


Clear Communication

Coatings that maintain the pristine quality of dynamic, condenser, ribbon, lavalier, shotgun, and wireless microphones along with anti-microbial surfaces.

Headphones and Speakers

Immersive Sound

for over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones + studio monitors, ensuring dust-proof, scratch-resistant, and anti-microbial audio experiences.

Signal Processors

and MIDI Controllers

Coatings for equalizers, compressors, limiters, MIDI keyboards, drum pads, and control surfaces, preserving their functionality and aesthetics.

Display Screens

Visualize Clarity

Coatings for various display screens, enhancing your surfaces.


Coatings for Every Musical Instrument

Audio Pro Coatings enhances and protects every musical instrument. Our expertise extends beyond the realms of strings and percussion, spreading its wings to include brass, woodwind, and electronic instruments. 


Strum to Perfection

Our coatings for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars maintain their visual aesthetics while enhancing durability.


Beat to Your Rhythm

Optimal protection for drum shells and hardware, preventing wear and tear from heavy hits and constant use.

Brass Instruments

Shine with Every Note

Coatings designed for trumpets, trombones, French horns, and tubas, preserving their lustrous finish.

Percussion Instruments

Keeping the Beat Alive

Coatings for hand percussion, orchestral percussion, and electronic drum pads that ensure an enduring finish.

String Instruments

Strike a Chord

Coatings for violins, violas, cellos, and double bass that safeguard their beautiful visual aesthetics.


Tickle the Ivories

Maintain the pristine condition of digital pianos, synthesizers, and keyboards with our protective coatings.


Pioneers in High-Performance Coatings for the Music Industry

With over 25 years of coating experience, Audio Pro Coatings serves the music industry as the secret agent behind superior and enduring audio equipment.  Ideal for recording studios to outdoor concert systems, Audio Pro Coatings offers custom finishes, permanent to semi-permanent high performance coatings, and functional cleaners, designed for longevity, preserved aesthetics and professional presentation.

Next-Generation Expertise

Our scientists, provide state of the art chemistries and applications to elevate the performance of your surfaces. Delivering innovation at every level, they pioneer solutions designed for unparalleled durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal

Extraordinary Presence and Performance

We stay ahead of the curve, helping you stand out and create added value by constantly pushing boundaries, and setting new standards in environmentally friendly chemical innovation for the industry.

Custom finishes and applications

From the podcaster to the A-list recording artist, we optimize all audio equipment for pristine presentation. We are here to formulate your product’s ideal solution to set you apart from the crowd.

Maintenance and Longevity

Stand out with a distinctive, luxurious aesthetic while shielding against dust and fingerprints to ensure the durability of your product – resulting in brand recognition that exudes quality and beauty.

"Pushing boundaries in protection and longevity for professional audio equipment, one coating at a time."

Ken Hankins , Founder of Audio Pro Coatings

Closeup on dj turntable mixer in neon light

Ken Hankins


“AudioProCoat was born out of my passion for music and the desire to help fellow DJs and artists protect their gear while enhancing performance. Our coatings represent the perfect harmony between technology and artistry, empowering creatives to focus on what truly matters – delivering unforgettable experiences to their audience, whether you are a manufacturer, audio, professional, or home enthusiast we’ve got you covered”

coating stacks

Our coating stacks offer unparalleled protection for your audio equipment. They shield against scratches, wear and tear, and harmful UV radiation, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of your gear.

Spray Cleaner

Our spray cleaner is specifically designed for audio equipment. It gently yet effectively removes dirt, dust, and grime, without damaging the protective coating or the equipment itself. It's easy to apply and fast-drying, making your cleaning routine a breeze.



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Pioneering Technologies for Advanced Audio Protection

At Audio Pro Coatings, our commitment to innovation and technology advancement is at the core of our service offerings. We continually push boundaries to develop and apply advanced technologies, resulting in superior coating solutions that enhance and protect your audio gear. Here’s a look at some of the cutting-edge technologies and offerings that set us apart.

Nano-Coating Technology

waterproof layer

EcoShield Formulation

excellent durability

Fast-Dry Spray Cleaner

maintenance and longevity

Vibrant Color Coatings

wide range of color options


quality and texture of applied coatings.

 Dive into our visually compelling gallery to explore the transformative power of our coating solutions. Each image below captures our commitment to quality, precision, and aesthetic appeal. From DJ mixers to studio monitors, see how our coatings and cleaners have enhanced and preserved a variety of professional audio equipment.